The Name is Bond...

High-end elegant raps. Born on December 16th, Raleigh, NC-based recording artist, producer, and actor Vuitton Bond has spent more than half of his life dedicated to his art. Picking up music at a young age, he started rapping, inspired by the lyrical stylings of Lloyd Banks, Eminem, Jay-Z and others. While honing his lyrical abilities with laser-like focus, he learned how to produce his own tracks, taking cues from producers like Kanye West and Dr. Dre. Now, a dominant creative force on his own, he’s capturing the imaginations of people globally with a high level of skill in his discipline, doing his part to contribute and push the culture even further into the future, bucking against the industry status quo with an intrepid, independent spirit.

“I make music for the Masters of the Universe. The people who want to be their best versions, live their best lives, and take over the world.”


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