AUDIO: “ETHEREUM” by Vuitton Bond

This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made.

Produced by me, “Ethereum” is a dark, ethereal drill record. Orchestral strings and horns accompany the british-style of slow-attack piano chords. The vocals in the background are heavenly and dancey at the same time. Bass heavy, bouncy, but still reminiscent of the UK drill and NY drill scenes. I’m the one at the forefront as far as bringing this sound to North Carolina.

Conceptually, it’s about knowing your value. Look, I’m a budding investor, but admittedly I own ZERO crypto at this point. This song isn’t about ethereum, it’s about betting on yourself while others doubt what you can bring to the table. Always bet on YOU.

Listen here, and make sure to add it to each and every playlist you could possibly conjure up:

Download here:



Verse 1:

I hustle, no lazy days, run it ’til my hair’s Macy Gray//

Thrive in a pandemic, think I’m starved for the Charmin, man, I’m on a paper chase//

Break your neck with the pace, no breaks, raise bottles of Ace of Spade//

Make your lady trace my steps with amazing grace, guess it pays to pray//

Oh yeah I’m lit as fuck, Milwaukee, I get the Bucks//

Can’t do what I do in a pickup game, oh yeah, play horse, play horse//

Oh yeah, this is chess not checkers, haters thinking they’re the best, I’m better//

Full court with the press, won’t let up, that pressure on extra extra//

Read all about it, need a contract max, man I’m talking ‘bout top guy racks//

Fuck an app, they are not like that, got it locked, king of pop, Mike Jack//

These days gotta watch my back, we’re evading the cock-eyed cats//

Who persuade us for donations, and he cap like a hot fry snack//

Say dat, in this capitalist society, need my castle high//

Yeah, I’m working, so I deserve everything that I purchase//

Know my worth so get in first, I’m emerging//

That’s what I know for sure, but they don’t wanna go//


Yeah yeah yeah, hating on the low//

I ain’t hearing ‘em, I’m turning into gold//

Just like ethereum, I’m burning through their soul//

Putting fear in ‘em, I’m turning into gold//

Just like ethereum, I’m burning through their soul//

Putting fear in ‘em//

They’re thinking they’re competing and they’re thinking that they’re near him, that’s delerium//

Uh, yeah yeah//

Verse 2:

Yeah, draw ‘em in when I rhyme, got their jaw unhinged, talking money like I’m an economist//

I’m an owner, won’t sign to a sodomist, tryna get to the top ‘cuz time isn’t bottomless//

They wanna hate, that’s an escape, it’s ok, ‘cuz they’re dying anonymous//

God never makes a mistake so I stand tall, need a shrine and an obelisk//

Forever been cognizant, never been blind to other’s lies and their promises//

I may be too wise like pupils, a student, I see it, sublime with reconnaissance//

You know my obsession, my vision is fixed on capturing diamonds and opulence//

I do not wine and dine, rather have a dime wine and wobble it//

I’m Superman fly and I’m dominant, ‘bout to turn the 919 to Metropolis//

Your woman will wonder who Bond’s such a Don Juan with the shiniest goblet//

My cup runneth over, it’s dripping, you’re drowning, nothing you’re designing is stopping it//

I’m all about action, I’m whippin’ that Batmobile with my slime on some Robin shit, yeah//

Y’all talkin’ ‘bout driving the boat, I’m tryna by me a boat//

Just like them white boys on the lake, they’ll be riding the wave when I arrive on the coast//

We’ve been divided the most but I’m closing the gap with the strength of a brute//

Like it dry when I toast, raise it higher than most, but they don’t wanna go//


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